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Award Winning Designs

Barrel Stemline
Approximate # of points of diffusions:
| Medium: 80
| Large: 100
We’ve pushed the laws of physics to offer one of the smoothest experiences.  Picking up where other artists have been content to push this technique, the family wanted to utilize this technique but provide a more functional experience. The barrel stemline offers optimum diffusion through 360 degrees of obstructed flow. It’s neither an up-grid or a down-grid; we wanted our stemline to be all around gridding. Similar techniques and functionality of our Barrel Stemline can be compared to a wide variety of gridded percolators on the market. We challenge you to experience the family’s take on 360 degrees gridding!
Gridded Tongue
Our Gridded Tongue is a complex melding of inspiration from the tried and true, mixed with the desire for more diffusion and flavor. Similar techniques and functionality can be compared to the Waffle Perc, King Stemline, or any other up-grid percolators on the market. We love this percolator because of the push of airflow it provides especially on the bottom chambers of our double percolator pieces. Perfect for upwards airflow while preserving flavor!
Approximate # of points of diffusions:
| Medium: 30
| Large: 40
Double Showerhead
Similar to its namesake, the showerhead pushes water through all the cuts skillfully made by our blowers in a ring shape. We’ve always loved showerheads/circs personally and really wanted to take ours a bit further by doubling up. This allows greater capacity for air while wonderfully forcing air flow so that more bubbles are stacked with minimal effort, firing evenly around. Although the top row always fires, the bottom row doesn’t consistently fire during milking because air doesn’t naturally want to get pushed down when there are other alternatives above it. This design consideration comes into play during the carve & the end result is improved airflow throughout the entire hit.
Approximate # of points of diffusions:
| Medium: 80
| Large: 100

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"We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and commitment to quality!"
FAQs - Pulse Glass
The Platinum Standard
Call Us: 1-855-381-1046


  1. Where is the Pulse Glass family located?
    Pulse is based in our hometown paradise, Los Angeles, in the sunny, beautiful state of California!

  2. How long has Pulse been around?
    The family started blowing in 2008 in our home garages. Since our first product officially dropped in 2012, Pulse has been an up & coming force in the glass pipe industry by taking home 1st place Best Glass awards with first year’s line. The growth of the family since our early days of inception, has allowed us to focus on taking our existing knowledge and experience with glass art & make it our mission to refine each of the techniques our blowers use to really showcase our craft. The force that drives us to strive for providing our customers with the best in class smoking products and accessories is the idea that we make each piece in our line for an extended family member. From design, production, to the materials we use, how we care & package our products, and especially the people at the core of Pulse who create the Platinum Standard. Quality over quantity in everything that we do. From our family to you, we do hope you enjoy our work.

  3. Where can I buy Pulse Glass?
    Pulse has Authorized Retailers to have direct working relationships with the retailers who carry the family’s products. Visit our locator to find the closest to your area.

  4. How should I clean my Pulse?
    Cleanliness is important in maintaining your Pulse piece. Build-up that occurs in pipes lessens the quality of the design of any piece and definitely affects the taste. The family believes that regular notice to the cleanliness of your art glass piece over any particular cleaning product or method is most important. A weekly or even daily routine will help prevent any build up and, when done regularly, becomes a small task with brilliantly clean glass awaiting at the end.
    Rubbing alcohol is probably the most popular natural solvent and can be purchased inexpensively at any retail pharmacy.The highest percentage by volume available, usually 91%, is what is preferred. Soaking the pieces in alcohol, then rinsing in water is an effective, tried and true method of cleaning. Rubbing alcohol does evaporate very quickly, so try a covered container to ensure best results. Soaking or corking the joint are options of how you can choose to immerse the glass. Glass on glass stoppers are available for purchase for facilitating corking the glass to soak.

  5. How do I become an Authorized Retailer?
    Submit an inquiry with a copy of your business’ valid, current, non-expired State Resellers’ Permit or Sales Tax ID Use Certification. For international clients and for some states that do not issue a the above document, we will accept a copy of your valid, current, non-expired business license. After review of your documents and retail outlet has been approved, you may place your order of the Pulse Glass family’s products. For inquiries submit here.

  6. I broke my Pulse piece, do you do repairs?
    Depending on our workload, yes! Submit an inquiry to us at or give us a call at 1-855-381-1046 and be sure to have photos of your broken piece so that we can give you a quote on the estimated cost of repair. We do not guarantee we can repair every piece, but we can try our absolute best to save your Pulse piece!

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